Weed Spread Prevention Action Plan

The Strategic Analysis and Scoping Study on Human Spread of Weeds project was funded through the National Heritage Trust 2003-06 National Weeds Program. The Australian Weeds Committee endorsed the project and selected members to the project steering committee.

The intent of this project was to determine through consultation with government, industry and other organisations what activities were effective in minimising (or preventing) weed spread.

The major findings of the study were:

  • Government, industry and other organisations are committed to preventing weed spread.
  • The lack of objective measures made evaluating existing tools difficult.
  • No one tool was seen as effective across Australia and only a few tools were identified at the State/Territory level.
  • Participants found it difficult to determine if the effectiveness of tools was genuinely low or whether it was low because of a lack of resources to adequately implement use.
  • The most common solution given was to have a consistent approach to weed spread management across all States and Territories and at all levels of government - this was closely followed by developing and maintaining a capacity to detect and eradicate new infestations.

A copy of the report is available from the following links:


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