Noxious weeds are weedy plant species that are controlled and or managed under state or territory legislation. The legislation prescribes a variety of management options from prohibition of sale and trade to enforced control. The legislation regulations may affect all or part of a jurisdiction. Weed control is the responsibility of individual states and territories including the legislation.

The noxious weeds list for Australia is based on the botanical name used in the legislation for each jurisdiction. In many instances, a plant may be known by a number of scientific names and common names or synonyms. We have endeavoured to construct the database in such a way as to enable the trapping of all occurrences of a plant in the list regardless of the name used.

You may search for a common weed name, a scientific (botanical) name or a combination of both.

The database program searches for an exact match of the text submitted, regardless of its position in the name. This allows searches on any part of a name. For instance, a search on 'allium' will return Allium triquetrum, Allium vineale and Echallium elaterium.

If you are unsure of the full name or the spelling of a weed, enter as much of the name as you know and allow the system to filter the results.

If you initiate a search with no information in the search fields, the entire noxious weeds list will be displayed in groups of thirty.

Common Name
Scientific Name


Click the appropriate State or Territory below for a legislative summary and noxious weed categories.

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Click here for the entire Noxious Weeds List in .pdf format.
Click here for keys to state and territory codes in .pdf format.

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