Weeds of National Significance
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This species was added in April 2012 and the page will be updated as materials are developed

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Department of Primary Industries and Resources of South Australia media release in support of the inclusion of opuntioid cacti as a weed of national significance. (pdf 101KB)

Weed Management

Funding Priorities

    Under development

National Management Map

Distribution Maps

Current distribution map
for wheel cactus
(Opuntia robusta)

Potential distribution map
for wheel cactus
(Opuntia robusta)

Current distribution map
for Hudson pear
(Cylindropuntia rosea)

(pdf 1,019KB - 2013)

Potential distribution map
for Hudson pear
(Cylindropuntia rosea and C. tunicata)

Monitoring and Evaluation

    Under development

State and Territory Contacts

Documents and Resources

National Strategy download

National Strategy

(pdf 1,993 KB)


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