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Documents and Resources

    A Community Guide to Implementing Biological Control
    (pdf 6,360KB)
      This easy-to-use booklet provides a brief overview of biological control and explains how to rear, release and monitor a biocontrol agent, using the bitou bush leaf-roller moth as an example. Community groups can use this guide to learn how to start their own biocontrol nursery!

Weeds attack!
is a web-based, multimedia resource with interactive learning activities for school students.
The students make their way through 16 fun activities, gaining code words and learning about weeds along the way!
(external link)

Bitou bush flyer
Eastern Australia

(pdf - 622kb)

Boneseed flyer

(pdf - 611kb)

Boneseed flyer

(pdf - 524kb)

Boneseed flyer

(pdf - 526kb)

Boneseed flyer

(pdf - 538kb)

Weed Management Guide
- Bitou bush -
CRC for Australian
Weed Management

(external link)

Weed Management Guide
- Boneseed -
CRC for Australian
Weed Management

(external link)

Weeds Australia
Bitou bush identification page

Weeds Australia
Boneseed identification page

Three slides illustrating
the difference between
bitou bush and boneseed

(pdf - 433kb)

Bitou seed fly
Photo: CSIRO

Larvae of bitou
leaf-rolling moth
(Tortrix sp.)

Photo: P. Downey

Boneseed leaf buckle mite
(Aceria sp.)

Photo: C. Craemer
A Review of the Chrysanthemoides
Biological Control
Program in Australia: 1987-2005.

(journal paper from Plant Protection
Quarterly Vol 22(1) 2007)

(pdf - 316kb)
Future Directions for
Boneseed and Bitou Bush
Biological Control

(pdf - 31kb)

Biological Control of bitou bush
with the leaf-rolling moth (Tortrix sp)
(pdf - 545kb)

Western Australian Boneseed
Eradication Strategy
(pdf - 571kb)
WA Boneseed Site Records
(Appendix A)
(pdf - 54kb)


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